Sexual Positions

If you find yourself thinking “ouch” during sex, it’s time to reconsider your bedroom tactics. Sex should never be unpleasant… Unless, of course, in that delightfully awkward way.

Even if position A worked for your former S.O., your new S.O. will be unmistakably different. The alignment of their particular tastes with yours will determine whether sex is comfortable or painful. In fact, if one position wasn’t working out with partner C, it’s fine to try it again with partner D. Simply adopt our improved-for-comfort-and-satisfaction sex positions below this time.

We’ve kept clitoral stimulation (and your pleasure) at the forefront of these how-tos. The only thing you need to do before any type of penetration with any partner is communicating and lubricate! Vaginal lubrication reduces friction and discomfort (and it’s entirely fine to use lube) and opens the door to fulfilling sex.

1. a fiery missionary

Allow yourself to let go of any old memories of sex that were somewhat rhythmic up and down. Instead, reinvent the standard missionary experience. Rather than expanding your legs, have your partner’s legs straddle your torso, allowing for shared genital touching. This works well since it is not based on size but rather on the connection you and your partner have.

2. Sitting on a pillow

Place your favorite cushion beneath your pelvis for additional support. Bend your knees, raise your pelvis, and spread your legs wide enough to allow for thrusting. This position is wonderful since it allows you to adjust the depth of entry and encourages clitoral stimulation.

3. Taking a ride towards the sunset

Take command and rise to the top. This position is perfect for some cozy times because it allows for personal kissing and eye gazing, as well as allowing you to establish the rhythm you prefer. You will not only be able to position your clitoris to improve sexual pleasure, but you will also be able to rock your pelvis back and forth to establish a comfortable rhythm.

4. Put your weight on me

Locate a wall or table against which to lean. Choose who will grab each other’s buttocks and hook their leg around the other person’s leg for support. Stimulate each other by stroking your clitoris against your partner’s genitals, and then establish a comfortable rhythm in which you can move your body closer or further away.

5. Side cuddling

You have the option of facing each other or positioning oneself to allow admission from behind. If you’re facing your lover, you can control your sex toy or the penis shaft to produce the desired angle and push. Use your buttocks to control the speed and have your partner remain stationary in the rear entrance position, while you move at your own pace and regulate the depth.

6. the pair

Combine your preferred position with self-pleasure by including how you want to feel good at the same time. If you’re used to self-stimulating your clitoris while lying on your back, with or without a sex toy, do so while encouraging your spouse to touch or kiss your breasts. Creating this combo sensation has the potential to be explosive.

7. The bunny

Who said sex gadgets were only for one-on-one play? Show your mate your favorite vibrator by dusting it clean. Plan to utilize it again by immediately applying clitoral stimulation while experimenting with other positions the following time.

Use the various vibration settings to increase your pleasure or to tease each other. Try holding off on orgasming until you can’t anymore. The most important thing to remember when introducing a new sex toy is that you and your partner converse about anything and everything, especially what feels good to each other.

8. The strike

If you’ve tried everything and are still suffering pain — especially with penetration — it’s time to take a break from it for a while. Practice sensate focus exercises as an alternative. Instead of focusing on performance, keep the emphasis on sensual touch, erotic massage, and enjoyment.

You could attempt 69 to liven things up during this hiatus. Simply lie on your back and turn your significant other’s mouth to face your genitals, while you turn yours to face theirs. Take the time to get to know each other.